Weekly News #119

Mar 18, 2022

Weekly News guys!

Weapon overhaul: SCAR

As we stated we will be working on visual upgrades of the weapons, we started work on SCAR, our previous version was not quite the right size and it wasn’t really comfortable to shoot from. Work is still in progress so don’t be very judgmental, we just wanted to show how is it going right now. Also as a reminder, we are working on the new skill system for the firearms, it will become much more complex, but as a result much more rewarding. With this new mechanic shooting, different types of firearms will fill more unique and will let us make some firearms more suitable for example for close-quarters fights and some for hunting. 

Round of fixes

As always after we add something we need to polish it. So we were busy fixing and polishing this week. We are glad to inform you that for now there are only minor bugs present in Lost Region, meaning that we can move on to new mechanics. The new mechanic that is stated in the previous block of this news post will also require us to handle the balance issues, we are keeping everything under control so no worries here. We are simply explaining why we needed to get rid of the majority of bugs before we can continue our work. 

War in Ukraine

As usual, we will be updating you from our perspective of view. Because we’ve noticed there is a lot of propaganda from russian side. Of course, not all russians are affected by it and we are sure that all of the civilized world know what is going on and don’t trust fake from pro-russian media. 

The good news is that we starting to slowly push the enemy from our cities. There are still cities that are under siege such as Mariupol we are trying to help them by sending arms and medicine, not all of the supplies are getting through though. But we are certain that democracy and a civilized World is much stronger than autocracy. We stand united. Glory to Ukraine!