Weekly News #118

Mar 11, 2022

New meshes

As always our 3D designers continue to work, despite recent events. This is a small update of doors, we are also reminding you that You will be able to close the doors, so hiding behind doors with windows will be not very effective. We are planning to add a level of destruction to buildings as well, of course, You will not be able to tear buildings to pieces using an assault rifle, but you will be able to create a few extra holes in order to harm your enemy.

Expending weapon pool

Previously we’ve added the first sniper rifle to the game, right now we are working on the rifle refactoring, after we are done we will be expanding the weapon pool, adding machine guns, SMGs etcetera. Also, it will affect the players leveling, since there will be more types of guns, there will be more perks and skills to level.
As an extra feature, we are adding visual damage to the guns, so it will look bad and rusty, it will not shoot properly, so take care of your guns. The damage will affect guns’ performance in terms of damage, accuracy, reload speed, etc.

War in Ukraine

As always we are updating You regarding russian invasion, currently we still have some issues with work performance from those who live in Ukraine, but they continue to work. Also, the last news shows that russian military aggression is getting slower. So, in short, we hope that it will end soon, and Ukraine will rise and become free of russian aggression, and no county would have to deal with such a neighbor.

Слава Україні, Героям Слава. Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Heroes.