Weekly News #117

Mar 4, 2022

Sniper rifle is finished

We’ve finished the sniper rifle and our 3D designer is now reworking the old rifles. We’ve selected the SCAR analog rifle, it will become more beautiful and as a result more comfortable to shoot from. A Sniper rifle was needed to fill up the gap in terms of firearms, we had short-range middle-range and now we have long-range guns. So no we can remaster the old guns. We will also rework the damage system, previously you were able to kill a person just by shooting his ankle, it will be changed. Of course with new guns we need to balance some things, for example, a sniper rifle allows us to kill from a large distance, so we will need to make it hard at least if you are standing. There will be also additional sniper modules that will allow getting rid of handshaking while you are lying down. Overall the guns will be awesome.

Level optimization

Since there were a lot of level updates it is time for optimizing, more interactions with surroundings, more options to find cover, etc. We will continue to add more stuff to the open world and we will add more options to loot. For instance, some loot will be unreachable until you will turn ON the power source for certain places.  And as there are more options there are more things to optimize as well, keep in mind that it will take more time as usual because we can’t work at the same speed as before the war. 

Update on war in Ukraine

I’ve started to write this post during alarm and managed to get to my PC only in the evening, so as we stated there might be some delays. Fortunately, we have people working with us worldwide so not all of our work aspects are affected. Also, we want to announce that we want to make the LR more patriotic, so we will place more things that are connected to our country. For those who support us, we want to say Thank you, your support is helpful and for Russian military forces in our homeland Russian warship go f*ck yourself!