Weekly News #116

Feb 25, 2022

New weapons are coming

We finally started to work on one of the most important parts of the game which is weapons. Currently, it is WIP (work in progress). The weapon is a sniper rifle for those who are skilled enough to take down their target from long-range. Sniper rifle can be modified and scopes can be changed. Moreover, as you remember we are adding a skill system, so if you want to become a good sniper you’ll need to use it, that way both you and your character will become better with it. We are planning to add more guns and we will report to you regarding the progress.

Polishing and bug fixes

This week we were focused on bug fixes, we’ve already added a lot to the game and now we need to polish and fix everything that was broken due to the updates. It will take some time, but before we can continue to expand the mechanics we need to get rid of bugs.
We already fixed critical bugs that cause the game to crash or that make the game unplayable so basically, all that left are the minor bugs. Once we get rid of those we will continue to provide new features to the game.

Regarding war in Ukraine

As you may know, we are situated in Ukraine, and right now our country is fighting against Russian invasion. First of all, we want to say that we hold no offense against Russian people, who are sitting at home, we understand that no-one wants this war. But the situation may influence the development progress. We do have employees worldwide, so only some of the aspects would slow down, but we will continue to work until we can. It is a hard time for our country and our citizens, and we are standing united against invasion. We are avoiding any political stuff of course, but in this case, it is our freedom at stake. So for time being, there might be some delays in development, but we hope that it will end fast.