Weekly News #115

Feb 18, 2022

Electronics progress

As we stated before we are expanding the LR mechanics and that is including the cameras that will guard, usually something valuable, but before entering it is better to find the way to shut them down. We want to make the looting process more fun and at the same time more versatile. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we will close all the juicy loot behind sealed doors and cameras, but you can be sure that if that is the case, you see the sealed door with password and cameras, they’re most likely to be something juicy, or it is someone’s trap. The electric devices will also be available for players to use for their base.

AI work in progress

We are making progress in upgrading the AI, as usual, we started with wolves, they will become smarter but at the same time more predictable and now if you have a slice of spare meat you can throw it away and wolves will likely change their target from you, who needs to be chased, to the free meat peace. But be worried it is not the ultimate solution.
WE are planning to rework the wildlife and make it more dynamic and once we are done we will start to work on Human NPCs. Of course, we want them to be more human-like, so there will be certain triggers that will make them retreat. Even if they are bandits, they don’t want to die because of a slice of bread or a bottle of water, so there will be also an option to pay to leave. Just like with wolves and can buy you a ticket out of the bandit situation, however, unlike wolves the human NPC can lie to you.