Weekly News #114

Feb 11, 2022

New electric devices

Lost Region is constantly evolving and one of the things that we planned is now under development. We are implementing electric devices with both immersion purpose and functionality purpose.
For example, a security terminal. The player will be able to place this terminal on his base and connect it to a specific door, you can enter only knowing the password or hack the terminal, of course for hacking you will need a specific device. You can be sure if there is a security terminal and a locked door there is certainly something valuable behind the door.

New employees

We are welcoming our new employees, 3D designer and C++ developer. We need additional help with the project because of a very expended development plan. They will start to work on a new gameplay feature which we will reveal a little bit later, this is a huge feature since we needed 2 additional people. Also, we are not stopping searching for new talents so if You are interested to work with us send us your CV, we will be happy to take a look and talk with You.
Email for CV: [email protected]
For business purposes: [email protected]