Weekly News #113

Feb 4, 2022

Industrial location

We are making a new industrial type location. You can check some of the work that has been done by our 3D designers. This location will take a little bit more time than usual. The reason is because this location will be a stage type of location, meaning You will be able to change it visually and functionally. Those who read every weekly already have an idea what this location will be, for now we will keep that secrete. Additionally this type of location will be the most visited by You.

Starting work on new status system

As we stated before we were preparing a new status system, that includes weather temperature, diseases, buffs, and debuffs. The new system will also rework the HP system. In short, the character will become more durable to direct damager, but if you will not treat your injury it will most likely kill you. The point of this new status system is not just make the game harder, the point is to bring some tactics to game. And make injuries more important than the actual impact damage. Statistically speaking most people are dying from the injury not from the actual impact shot. We will share some more details in next weeklies.

That’s all for today guys. Cya next week! 🙂