Weekly News #112

Jan 28, 2022

New meshes for old levels

This week our 3D designers were revisiting old levels to keep them up to date in terms of quality. For the release we want to update everything, so you will think that you are playing a completely new game. There will be several steps to update the levels.
1.) Visually – we already working on it.
2.) Technically – to add additional loot spawners and new gameplay mechanics to the old levels.
3.) Sound – when all is settled, our sound designer can revisit the level and update reverb volumes and implement sounds for new meshes.

Lights rework

Since we are revisiting old levels and adding new meshes we need to rework lights on these levels. This type of work takes a lot of time, we need to re-cook the lighting and keep the balance of dynamic lights and static lights in order to keep the players FPS safe. This we will be doing during the whole period of old levels revisiting. We will keep you posted.

That’s all for today. We wish you a great weekend! 🙂