Weekly News #111

Jan 21, 2022

Hey guys! Another week, another weekly.

New railway system

We are working on the railway system in LR. It means that players can restore the railway system, which in the future will allow them to travel to regions that are far beyond the currently active map area. We just started the work, so here are some meshes from our 3D designers.

Railways will be valuable for all the players because as you know trains carry a lot of goods to distant areas and finding train with, for example, medicine will be something that you want to celebrate. However holly place is never hollow, so before celebrating check if there is someone who already claimed this train.

UI and character health overhaul

We’ve planned to implement a new healthcare system a long time ago. And finally, we can work on it. This system will implement features of dealing with diseases and track what’s up with your character. Right now we are processing the UI and functionality, then we will start to balance things so it will not be too overpowered or too hard for players.
The main goal is to make the character more alive, so when you got hit by a foe with a gun, it will not just reduce your current HP, it will also place a bullet shot on your arm which will reduce your fighting potential. It might sound very hardcore, but it will also work against your foe. So shooting in legs will actually help you, headshot is still the deadliest way to kill, but now you can harass the enemy and even if you can’t place a headshot you still will be reducing enemies fighting potential, he can even die from blood loss if your enemy doesn’t care anything to stop the bleeding.

That’s all for today’s news, wish you a great weekend!