Weekly News #109

Jan 7, 2022

First weekly of the year. Hope you all had a great rest!

AI upgrade

We’ve been optimizing AI the past week. Since the world is getting bigger we need to optimize the AI not just in terms of quality but in terms of its execution as well. We are working to improve the AI behavior, for example, dears will likely try to form a pack to be more effective in terms of survival. Wolves will do the same, so most likely if you will spot a deer, there are more somewhere near. And as always optimize all of it, so there will be more enemies and animals around, but it will not impact the game stability.

Lights work

We’ve been receiving reports that some of the areas are too dark to explore, even during the daytime. We are revisiting all the levels that were reported and those that might be too dark but haven’t been reported yet. Also in some of the next updates, we will grant some additional tools to explore dark areas.
Additionally, we will add interactable objects, for example, you will be able to light up the candle in the room, but be aware that the light in the house might tell your enemies where you are, or you can use it as a trap trick.