Weekly News #108

Dec 31, 2021

Weekly news here. And it is the last weekly for this year. 🙂

Migration to UE5

We are currently working on migration to Unreal Engine 5. Reworking some meshes and materials to fit the UE 5 requirements, we are quite excited about the outcome. UE5 has its own thingies that needed to be done before the migration, but it is totally worth it. With UE5 everything looks more beautiful and the lights are just amazing.

Level updates

As stated before, Unreal Engine 5 is our goal currently, and it requires us to change our sub-level system. Or basically to remove it. Also light needs to be reworked accordingly. After we are done there should be no frame spikes on loading. Optimization is key. It takes some time, but after we are done, you will be thinking that you are playing totally different game, which is amazing.

In conclusion, we wanted to thank You for staying with us and we are sure that 2022 will be much more productive. We’ve hired new people to work on Lost Region and now we have new tools to play with.
You are all awesome, and see hope I see you guys next week. Cheers!