Weekly News #107

Dec 24, 2021

Welcome to the full version of the weekly news!

On to the topics.

New meshes from our 3D designers

Here are some of the meshes that 3D designers was working on, every material and mesh have much details in it, hope you would like it. To explain what are we doing, We are making more close quarters locations, where if player meet another players they will be fighting very close to each other. That is to make shotguns more useful and to make battle for loot more intense, of course you could also make an agreement, but we know how this agreement usually go right?

Landscape rework

It is a big pile of work to do, but we are focusing to make the surroundings feel real, so we are reworking the landscape in parallel of what we are doing right now. The goal is to make players not only scavenge the area but also have fun in exploring, with loot as reward of course, but with pleasure to eyes as well. It is a huge work to be done, because we are revisiting all levels manually and make adjustments one at the time, so that there will be no sudden sharp edges on mountains or no totally flat landscapes.


As you remember we were talking about Unreal Engine 5, and we are happy to tell you that everything goes according to plan, the Unreal Engine 5 works fine, of course it still need some adjustments, but those adjustments don’t stand near the benefits that it is already provided. Right now we can’t really share any screenshots because most of our work was with code, to optimize some stuff, but trust me you will be pleased of you see when we share it.

That’s all for todays news, hope you’ve enjoyed it, we totally do. And see ya guys next week.