Weekly News #104

Dec 3, 2021

Welcome folks, to another weekly news session.

Here is what we’ve been working on this week.

Animal Sound rework

This week our sound designer was focused on animal sounds. Those who have been playing Lost Region know that there were some missing sounds of the animals, as well as some footsteps sounds for these animals. Well, no more. Bear got deserved growl, wolves got their deserved howl, deers got their deserved bark. Additionally, now you will hear when the animal was spawned, and take your guess how far is it. If the animal is chasing you will hear it as well, but be careful, some animals might call a pack now, and those animals are not too friendly. 

R&M work in progress

And here is some demonstration of the new ARS Rotor&Motor. Our 3D designers are working hard to bring new models and meshes on time. And the results are quite satisfying. This would be one the biggest locations and we are planning to do more. Previously we’ve been adding small locations with not much opportunity to explore, we decided to change this strategy and mix it up a bit. Huge locations would be juicy for a loot hunt, but it will be time-consuming and dangerous. 
Do check the work that guys have done.

The weekly operator is out. The weekly is over, and of course, cya next week 😉