Weekly News #103

Nov 28, 2021

Another week more news!

Another Outdoors ride for sound and new assets references

We were outdoors yet again to find a really abandoned place, which we can use as a reference for our 3D artists. We’ve found an abandoned cow industrial farm, made a ton of photos for our 3D designers, they will start working on these assets as soon as they are done with the ARS Motor&Rotor. For some people, it is just junk but for survival games, it is a treasure. Also, we’ve recorded some sounds at that location.

Colision and render fixes

The second thing that took our attention was an issue with rendering and collision in the game by. Our testers reported to us that some objects do not have an accurate collision. And the second major thing is surface rendering. In some locations, there were issues with rendering the surface as a result you are not really sure if there is a surface to walk on or not. Yet again we are grateful for the heads-up, it would be much harder to search for all these issues without help.

This weekly report was short but informative. As you can see we are polishing things for an upcoming patch and adding new content to it. 

That’s all for this week. And cya guys next week. Cheers. 🙂