Weekly News #102

Nov 19, 2021

Another week more news!

Fixes and balance overhaul

This week we were mostly focused on bug fixes and some minor balance enhancements. AI is going smoothly, thanks to volunteers and our QA we are able to determine bugs even if we missed them during development. As stated before we are re-balancing a few things due to upcoming content. It will affect weapon damage, food refill rate, medicine effectiveness, etc. Work is in progress and we always look at test logs to make sure that will be no OP tactics for the Lost Region. Also, we will need to return to all of our locations in the future to replace current doors with openable and closable ones. That will make your looting slightly safer. 

3D artists work

As we stated previously, our 3D artists are currently creating new meshes for the new location with the name ARS Rotor&Motor. And our level designer is filling it upon receiving new meshes. Here is an example of a checkpoint from this ARS. 

That’s all for today. We will continue working and next week will share some more details.