Weekly News #101

Nov 13, 2021

Weekly news everyone!


We were out of the office last week to record some environmental sounds. Such as moving through the grass, sounds of nature such as birds, chopping the wood, etc. 

Here are some comments from our sound designer.

So we decided to record some sounds and nature noises outside. Turn out it is pretty hard to find a quiet place where there will be no unnatural sounds around. It took us about 2 hours to find such a place, yet still, there were some noises of the far-away dogs. Nothing we can’t handle, but it surely slows us down a bit. 
We want to create very natural sounds for the environment, especially for the nighttime, so when you are all alone without any light source, you’ll get scared, even if you aren’t afraid of the dark. 
Most of the sounds I am able to record in the workplace, but things like an engine running sound or birds (unless it is someone’s parrot) aren’t easy to record because of their origin. Then I go and clear these sounds from noises and master them so they will sound natural. 
This week we will be outdoors again to record some sounds.

Map upgrades

The ongoing work that is always in place is the map update. Our level designer got some help in his work, so updates and revisits are now much quicker. Here are some examples of world map rework. 

That’s all for today’s news. Hope you enjoy it. And to tell us if you would like to see more comments from developers.