Weekly News #99

Oct 30, 2021

How is the testing going? Weekly news guys.

Bug fixing continues

Thanks to the reports a lot of bugs were found and fixed. We are fixing them every day with every report, and polishing the game in general. We want to say thank You to all who are helping us with the game, we really appreciate it. 

New meshes

Our 3D artists continue to work on new meshes, as we stated before these meshes are for the car services centers. Very useful location if you need some mechanical parts or car parts. The work is going pretty smoothly so there should be no delays. 

For public test

Since everything is going as intended, we would like to announce that we are preparing an update for public tests. The update will be regarding NPC and AI. We will need to test the new feature. So the AI and NPC will also be in the upcoming patch, if you want to test before the patch, join us in the public test. We will continue to deploy fixes to the test branch. 

It was a week full of work, and the next one promises to be the same, so cya guys next week 🙂