Weekly News #97

Oct 16, 2021

Another week another weekly.

Hey everyone, hope you are doing great, so let’s cut to the chase. 

New meshes and the new level

Thanks to our new designers we can create new locations and game content much faster, and here is one of them. The Eagles Pride Customs. The work is still in progress, however, you already can see that it will take some time to loot out this location. A nice spot to ambush on. So if someone invites you to Eagles Pride, it’s probably a trap.

Testing time

We are finishing the public patch and right now we are in process of final tests, in order to get rid of bugs and polish some things that are out of order at some point. This weekend we will be running some stress tests and full feature tests. Once we are sure that everything is in order we will deploy the public test branch.
After the public tests, we will collect the feedback and make some adjustments to the feature priority depending on the feedback. Fingers crossed. 

That’s all for today weekly, waiting for You in a public test and cya next week 🙂