Weekly News #26

May 20, 2020

Hello Survivors,
Welcome for a new weekly news !
Don’t wait more , here we go


  • Some binding bugs were fixed.
  • Lot of issues that were the reason of crashes were found and fixed.
  • Missed materials on the meshes were fixed.


  • The design team continues their work on the map to diversify the landscape.
  • Also, work on caves location almost done.
  • In the nearest future, we are planning to begin the work on filling the snowy territory.


  • Work on the HLODs is almost done.
  • As the number of locations and small territories on the map increases, we try to reduce the load on hardware by optimizing the location of some objects and merging small groups of meshes.


  • Most of the light on the map was reworked in order to optimize the fps in such areas as airport, prison, and some of the small locations.
  • Screenshots of light complexity included


This is it for this week !
Hope you like it and keep following us for more news !!

Stay safe !