Early Alpha Patch Notes

Jan 19, 2019

Version is live, what’s new:

– Player hosted matches interface is fixed.
– Player hosted matches client level streaming fixed.
– Multiplayer have some known issues, such as no loading screen, and long level streaming loading, we are working on them.
– Animals collision capsule fixed, now they have correct bounds and impact VFX
– Walking mode added.
– Character overweight added.
– Backpack now affect max weight that the character can carry.
– Input binding fixed and now should work as expected.
– Vet clinic, police station and new motel was added.
– WIP Air Port added.
– Old model location revisited.
– Animals navigation is fixed, they should patrol around now.
– Female characters are temporary removed, we need to fix HairWorks assets for them.

Hotfix for v is live, what’s new:

– Fixed ESC always opening pause over other menus.
– Fixed placeable items now should appear on terrain.
– Fixed placeable items preview.
– Fixed empty water bottle, for now it does not restore character hydration.
– Fixed key bind menu. New keys should not disappear from binds list.