Lost Region Dev Update

Dec 17, 2018

Hi Folks!

We have new info that we want to share with you!


We updating inventory system management, now characters will have 2 inventory lists, character’s inventory and backpack. Stuff stored in backpack will be available even if backpack is unequipped, so players will be able to store their loot not only in crates, but also in backpacks.


We added 3 new locations to the world, police station, new motel and veterinary clinic.

Some updates was made in weather system, wind speed and force was reduced. Fog density is now random and range is depends on what weather preset is running at the moment.

Minor fixes(floating trees and rocks, missing materials)


All movement animations now play footsteps sounds as expected.


AI patroling state fixed.
AI sleep state fixed.


Weapon spread is now depends on character’s pose.
Shotguns fire spread is increased now and fire distance is reduced.

Screenshots WIP

Police Station:

New Motel:

Vet Clinic: