Lost Region Development Info

Sep 26, 2018

Hi Folks!

Today we want to share some progress with you.  It has been a long time since we posted our last update about upcoming patches, and we have some info to share.


First of all, we updated project to Unreal Engine 4.20 as it was based on UE 4.19. As we have custom engine version with some extras in rendering part such as nVidia HBAO+ and HairWorks(which still in development) it take more time that we expected when we started this update.



Some new locations was added to the game. A lot of bugs fixed on existing locations(thanks to all our Main testers) and currently we are changing flora in the main world.




Tattoes will be added with the next public patch release, currently they are at dev test stage. More information about tattoes and how much tattoes we are plan will be published later, closer to the patch release.

Also new backpack will be added, this backpack will be set as default one, and will appear on all new characters.
Character creator is removed from the main map and now available from the main menu. This made to avoid character creation each time you connect to the new server. You will create character templates for all gamemodes(singleplayer, coop, multiplayer) from the main menu, select character you want to play with, and play with that character in all three modes.


We are working on NPC characters and NPC factions, currently we have some problems with the navigation system, and characters are not starting patroling states, not follow players and other NPCs, so we need more time to fix that issue and brind them back to the game.


We are  working on new building system screen, to make building process easier. Also with building system update, we plan to add modular building system.

Linux and Mac OS

We finally started devtests of Lost Region for Linux and Mac OS platforms. So soon we will be ready to publish more info about development for this platforms.


Also we have some extra info about upcoming update, but we are not ready to show them to the public at the moment. 
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Thank you for helping our in development of Lost Region game.
Farom Studio Team