Oct 8, 2017

Hi All!

Today AI patch was finally uploaded. Here is the patch notes.

  • AI is return to the game, currently there is 4 spawn points with different amount of AI on them, currently they are only patroling points where they was spawned. But in future releases we will give them more idle actions
  • Three new AI skins was added to the game to bandits group. By the way, bandit faction name is “Cobra”, soon in will be updated with Faction logo and flags. 
  • Changes to AI code. We decided to change AI core, and AI whole code for AI was changed and written from scratch.
  • Some minor fixes for game client that we found during development. They are mosly invisible to users, but help us to bring new features faster in future releases.

And the bonus for today. Some screenshots from upcoming World Map update:

ScreenShot00000 ScreenShot00001 ScreenShot00002 ScreenShot00003 ScreenShot00005

Farom Studio Team