Lost Region Weekly

Sep 15, 2017

Hi All!

We are glad to announce that from today, we will publish weekly update news each Friday. In this weekly reports, we will include all information about patches, that was published during the week, and publish plans for upcoming patches, and general issues.

This week patches:

  • All keybinding options was finished. Now they appear in proper order and save as expected.
  • Sound settings are also working now. 
  • Graphics settings was resetting on startup. Now they save in config files, and show as they was saved before.
  • Loading screen was finally added.

  • 5 New food items was added(Bread, 3 MRE packets and Canned tomatoes)
  • Lower sound for footsteps.
  • Hotfix for loot items.

We plan to finaly release patch at upcoming week.
It will bring mouse inversion and sensitivity to the game, player stats will return with new server code,  new food items and new weapon spawns.

Huge thanks to all survivors that help us to update the game. Your bug reports and ideas help us to improve the game!

See You next week.

Farom Studio Team