Lost Region March Update

Mar 13, 2017

Hi All!

Here is some news we want to share with you today.


We glad to inform you that official provider for our servers found, all Lost Region servers will be hosted by Nitrado , official server provider for such games as A.R.K: Survival Evolved, Battlefield 4 etc.  First servers are going to launch on 7 April 2017 for alpha access. Servers will be available worldwide, players will be able to rent and setup their own servers on Nitrado.



We almost finished with bar at “Sentinels Alliance” outpost. At bars players will get daily bounty quests, buy food and drinks and meet new friends. All quests from Bars will be auto generated and provide money reward which depends on such factors as party size, enemy team size, bonus missions.




We work on current areas optimization. Number of trees was decreased on current map version. This will give more terrritories for player buildings and of course optimize polycount. Also we are working on HLODs for current locations, this will allow us to load objects earliers without removing them from player view on distance. This will impact on main city which is still under development. For forest optimization we use default LODs of SpeedTree, which provide cool looking trees.