Lost Region News

Feb 16, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Today we want to share some new screenshots and answer on comments and questions from users.

Many of you assumed that the enemies are zombies, literally sounded like “zombies again”. No there will be no zombies in game. Main enemies are humans, the game is about the war between clans in an anarchic world, and some wild animals. But no zombies or mutants are planned in the game.

Everything is happens on Ex US territories.

Online Game:
Players will have an ability to play in closed sessions with friends or on dedicated public servers. For offline players game will have offline mode.

Build System:
You will be able to build bases or small camps, but base building is optional, you will be able to rent a room for ingame money at any friendly NPC base.

In alpha version the game will have auto generated missions.

Pre-order price will start from 7$ for PC users, we don’t have any prices for consoles yet, sorry.

New screenshots pack is available here.