W.N.C: Infantry Game Mechanics Quick Update

Feb 15, 2016

Hi all,
We decided to make some changes at our gameplay. We plan to add outpost building to our game, so players will be able to build small bases during the battle.

Also we added ammo limit for infantry and vehicles, so they will need ammo and fuel refill during the battle.
Now each squad will have own unique ability:

  • Medical squads will be able to request new medical equipment directly to the battle.
  • Support squads will request ammo for infantry refill.
  • Engineer squads will request light vehicles.
  • Recoon squads will request new squads to the battle. Also recoon squad will have special drone which will increase artillery radius and squad’s view distance.

We already finished with FMOD integration into the game, now we moving all our sounds to FMOD sound engine, to build high quality 3D Sound.

We have already have 3 medium maps for up to 4 players and 4 different gametypes for them, so soon we will be able to start early access at steam.
At early access release game will be multiplayer only, we are going to add enemy AI in a couple of month.

Soon we will post more info, unfortunately our community manager had some personal problems, but he promise to post dev blog update soon.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them at our contact form.
Farom Studio Team