Why use Unreal Engine?

Feb 1, 2022

Today we would like to talk about the essential advantages of the engine in the modern world: why it is better to be used for development.

Graphics and Optimization

Unreal Engine is always upgrading, recently Epic Games released the Unreal Engine 5 Alpha version, And just from the look You already see the difference between Unreal Engine 4 and 5, the optimization took place as well thanks to nanite Open World games will come with higher FPS rate.

Read more about nanite 

Easy implementation 

Most engines don’t show how they work under the hood. Yet another point goes to Unreal Engine, it’s source codes are open for You to check it out and implement features the exact way as you want. And as a bonus, thanks to open source, you are able to modify the engine for your needs. 

Multiplayer from the box

Since Unreal Engine had its time with multiplayer most of the needed features for comfortable multiplayer are already implemented, all you need to do is to adjust it. Replication is the most common issue with multiplayer games, fortunately Unreal Engine handled it.  

Knowledge-rich documentation and community 

One of the biggest challenges with any engine is to find the documentation, thankfully with this particular engine that is not an issue. The documentation is generous in terms of provided information, not all the information you want but at least all the information you need. And even if you didn’t find the information you needed in documentation you can ask the community, there are many developers both Freelance and who are working for big studios who can provide solutions for your issues.
Unreal Engine 5 Early version Documentation
Unreal Engine 4 Documentation

Next-gen console support 

Epic Games are pretty quick when it comes to support for next-gen consoles. Since next-gen consoles need new games to replace current-gen it is very important that current engine version supports the next-gen consoles, tools and updates come pretty fast and for business it means that they will not need additional time to adjust the engine for next-gen consoles to work. Less time taken, less amount of overall development.   

All the stated above

Basically every of the stated benefits is a big advantage for business.

Allows to:

  • Stay on track in terms of graphic quality
  • Support the upcoming game platforms and OSs
  • Friendly implementation of the features that are needed for the project to be successful
  • Implemented solution for most of the common demands
  • Easy to RnD

So Unreal Engine is a great solution for both developers and investors.

How can we help 

We provide a huge package of services in terms of Unreal Engine.

We’ve collected  developers with experience from 4 to 10 years with Unreal Engine. 

  • Unreal Engine C++ Developers
  • 3D designers specialized on Unreal Engine materials and it’s render optimization
  • Unreal Engine Level Designers
  • Game Designers who knows engine Specifications
  • Sound Designers specialized in working with Unreal Engine

The whole list of services

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