Our history

Our journey began in 2011 with the idea of making games and finding people with common interests and great ideas for our projects. First big project was a mobile game, released in 2013, that made a foundation for our future. Work on our current game we started in We made a lot of steps to make our own vision on game development, to find unique talented people, to build great friendships and the main thing is that we keep going to share our story with you.

What we are doing

We are providing the whole game development from start to the end. Starting with designing documents and prototyping up to beta tests and release. We have 3D designers, 2D designers, C++ and C# coders, sound producer and sound designer, marketing experts and QA testers, level designers and narrative designers. And last but not least willing to make great games.

Who are we?

We at Farom Studio are not just developers who want to grind money from the players, we are the players who want to provide a quality product to those who share our interests. Our team gains more and more employees around a common goal. Make gaming great again.
Interested in working with us? See our open positions.

Unreal Engine professionals

Additionally to all the services we provide, we are also specializing in UE3, UE4 and UE5 including. We provide smooth porting from one engine version to another and optimize your game. If you need Unreal Engine for a non-game project we can help you with it as well. It is a very powerful tool that could provide solutions for the majority of demands, with no platform limitations. We can share our experience with you, and we have a lot of experience with Unreal Engine.

Learn new things. Take initiative. Trust each other. Be passionate. Love what you do.