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What is week? The week is a 7-day substance that gives us 1 weekly news! The...

Weekly News #163

We want weekly news! Or simply WWWN! Shooting update And back to shooting....

Weekly News #162

What day is it? Oh Friday, that means weekly! Damage system upgrade We've been...

About Studio

Every player is important for Farom studio. We always listen carefully to our users feedbacks.

Farom Studio is a company made by players, each of the developers has thousands of hours of playing experience, and we are trying to use this experience to make games with the variability of fun content. The main goal of the company is to make a game that could be fun for every player, single-player and multi-player at the same time. Each day we expand our experience in developing and each day we come up with new ideas on how to make games even more fun to the players.

Technologies We Use